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    What is Aya Varga

    Hi there! Aya Varga is a business-casual clothing brand founded by women with investment banking background. We design elegant fun clothes and accessories for your everyday wear to work. We play around with eye-catching colours and flattering silhouettes so as a successful woman you can feel confident and fashionable during your presentations!

    what we do

    What’s special about us you ask?

    Our clothes are made for corporate wear but with a splash of personality and character! Because why not add a cheer to your work day…? We aim to break away from the traditional plain and dull workwear designs. Instead, we offer a range of smart-casual clothing that combines function with fashion. Including office-appropriate blouses and dresses, our collections are created to cater to a modern successful woman leading a busy and varied lifestyle. Whether you’re running a meeting or running errands, we have pieces that will make you feel empowered, comfortable, and stylish.

    “you say Aya Varga empowers a successful woman, but how”?

    Great question 🙂 ! Although we undeniably enjoy talking about fashion and all things related to it, we are also passionate about career and lifestyle chats as we believe that they are important for personal and professional growth.

    From balancing work and personal life, to climbing the corporate ladder, to pursuing your passions and hobbies, we aim to provide you with a range of resources and inspiration to help you succeed and thrive in all aspects of your life.

    “sounds great! so why should I join?”

    Having worked in an investment bank for long years, I gained lots of experience and industry insights. Although i enjoyed my work there, I always knew something was missing. When the pandemic came along and we were all stuck at home, I started sewing and designing my own clothes. It’s bizarre to say but thanks to Covid, I found what I’m truly passionate about!

    So there it is! This brand and community is not a job for me! But a passion! The tips and tools I will give you, wether that’s fashion, job interview, CV or hobbies related, they are written for you, a successful woman, based on my views and network! Because success looks different on everyone, and that’s what makes us all unique and amazing.

    So don’t hesitate any longer, take the first step towards building meaningful connections by joining our community.